4. Oktober 2013

19. Mai 2013


Can't wait to photograph their wedding.

1. Mai 2013


Wonderful Spring Shooting.

29. April 2013


What do you think?

20. April 2013


Schladitzer See. Leipzig.

8. April 2013

Eastern Desert.

I spent my easter holidays at the Red Sea. The sun felt so good after such a long and dark winter in Germany.

28. März 2013

My America.

This is another image of my California Road Trip in 2012. I miss my America.

7. März 2013

Shoot with Daniel.

Last week I had a wonderful shooting with Daniel infront of the Arena in Leipzig.

3. März 2013

Ohio Love.

One last image of the wonderful shooting of Resi & Tyler in Ohio.

25. Februar 2013


Camping in beautiful Italy. I went camping with my friends in summer 2010. This was a really awesome vacation. We took the ferry from Livorno to Olbia overnight and then drove a bit a long the east coast. Every day we relaxed at lonesome beaches and visited beautiful italian villages.

24. Februar 2013

Cutie Pie.

Isn't he a cutie?

17. Februar 2013

Venice Beach, CA

I took this image during my spring break trip to lovely California in 2012.

4. Februar 2013

1. Februar 2013

VEB Druckerei Leipzig III.

This in another image taken in the attic of VEB Druckerei on a freezing but beautiful december morning.

31. Januar 2013

28. Januar 2013


Have you ever used the "Diana" box camera?

13. Januar 2013


Currently, I'm in love with black & white, hope you don't mind ;-)

6. Januar 2013

Rainy Morning.

This was one of those shootings I checked the weather forcast that predicted a sunny morning but instead the rain didn't stop pouring all day. Nevertheless, we hid under some roofs and so didn't miss the sun at all.