18. Dezember 2012

16. Dezember 2012


Can't stop working on her images <3

15. Dezember 2012


Pictorialism was an art photography movement starting in the early 19th century. Photographers wanted to establish photography as its own fully accepted art genre. They started off by photographing like naturalist paiters. The most influential american pictorialist was Alfred Stieglitz, but also take a look at the pictures of Alice Boughton and Clarence White.

12. Dezember 2012

New Effects.

Testing new effects, how do you like this one?

29. November 2012


Doesn't it feel good to keep your pjs on and stay in bed on a rainy day. Wish I had time for actually doing this more often.

24. November 2012

21. November 2012

Gothenburg II.

 Here is another image of my weekend in beautiful Gothenburg.

30. Oktober 2012


My past weekend I spent in the beautiful city of Gothenburg (Sweden), a city of romantic cafés and cute boutiques.

22. Oktober 2012

Pregnant Belly.

Pregnant women are just beautiful.

21. Oktober 2012

Autumn Sun.

This was another fun shoot. We were shooting right next the airport where the planes flew really low over the top of our heads.

7. Oktober 2012


T&R being close in space and time.

5. Oktober 2012

Rainy Fall Night

  After so many beautiful golden days of fall, it feels good to be inside watching the night with all its colorful lights and reflections approach.

4. Oktober 2012

Hold my Hand

Hold my hand, and never let go.

3. Oktober 2012

In Ohio.

This is an image taken of a cute couple in Ohio, more to come soon.

24. September 2012


“The stillness that permeates the valleys is visual as well as acoustical” (Barry Lopez).

17. September 2012

Analog Hooping

These images are takes with Vivitar 50 mm 1:1.7 & Kodak TRI - X 400 Black & White Film, and there are all developed by myself on Ilford Fiber Paper.

6. September 2012

VEB Druckerei Leipzig

This was a really fun shoot, at one of many lost places in Leipzig. It was actually the second attempt to get into the building. The first time my model and I met, footsteps we couldn't quite locate and the cold december wind blowing through the building scared us too much to walk any further. Hence, we decided to bring a "bodyguard" to comfort us. This time, no one, except for some mattresses and empty bottles of wine, was around.

4. September 2012

Can't decide, which one do you like better?

As I promised, now a picture of her stunning eyes.

Fairy Tale

Unfortunately, my harddrive broke right after this shooting. Luckily, I was able to safe at least a few images, this is my favorite. Hope you like it as well.

25. August 2012

Spanish Eyelashes are adorable.

Today I wanna introduce you to this lovely woman. Aren't her eyelashes adorable? Next time I might show you her not less admirable eyes.

23. August 2012


Follow me on my recently launched facebook page. More images of the beauty above will be posted soon. 

21. August 2012

Hoop Dance II

Here are some more pictures of the amazing hoop dancer Hannah. The morning we took the pictures was just beautiful, the sun come out so softly, as we've never seen it before. We also had some deer watching us with excitement. Mornings are the best, if it wouldn't be so hard making yourself get up before sunrise, but it's definitely always worth it. 

20. August 2012

Hoop Dance

Hannah S.-G.

A couple of weeks ago, while I was still in the U.S., I photographed my friend Hannah. I took an analog photoclass and the final assignment was to make a series of something you enjoy photographing, and since I loved watching Hannah hoop, I thought it would be awesome to caputure her in my images. These are pictures I took with my digital. Later on I might also show you some of the analog images.

13. August 2012


The brides beautiful hairdo.
My love.
Getting ready to catch the bridal bouquet.
Homeward bound.

These are a few impressions of my friends wedding last friday.
The day was just amazing. The ceremony was in Berlin in the townhall
and the party in Nauen, on a beautiful country estate.
Again congratulations on your marriage <3