25. August 2012

Spanish Eyelashes are adorable.

Today I wanna introduce you to this lovely woman. Aren't her eyelashes adorable? Next time I might show you her not less admirable eyes.

23. August 2012


Follow me on my recently launched facebook page. More images of the beauty above will be posted soon. 

21. August 2012

Hoop Dance II

Here are some more pictures of the amazing hoop dancer Hannah. The morning we took the pictures was just beautiful, the sun come out so softly, as we've never seen it before. We also had some deer watching us with excitement. Mornings are the best, if it wouldn't be so hard making yourself get up before sunrise, but it's definitely always worth it. 

20. August 2012

Hoop Dance

Hannah S.-G.

A couple of weeks ago, while I was still in the U.S., I photographed my friend Hannah. I took an analog photoclass and the final assignment was to make a series of something you enjoy photographing, and since I loved watching Hannah hoop, I thought it would be awesome to caputure her in my images. These are pictures I took with my digital. Later on I might also show you some of the analog images.

13. August 2012


The brides beautiful hairdo.
My love.
Getting ready to catch the bridal bouquet.
Homeward bound.

These are a few impressions of my friends wedding last friday.
The day was just amazing. The ceremony was in Berlin in the townhall
and the party in Nauen, on a beautiful country estate.
Again congratulations on your marriage <3