30. Oktober 2012


My past weekend I spent in the beautiful city of Gothenburg (Sweden), a city of romantic cafés and cute boutiques.

22. Oktober 2012

Pregnant Belly.

Pregnant women are just beautiful.

21. Oktober 2012

Autumn Sun.

This was another fun shoot. We were shooting right next the airport where the planes flew really low over the top of our heads.

7. Oktober 2012


T&R being close in space and time.

5. Oktober 2012

Rainy Fall Night

  After so many beautiful golden days of fall, it feels good to be inside watching the night with all its colorful lights and reflections approach.

4. Oktober 2012

Hold my Hand

Hold my hand, and never let go.

3. Oktober 2012

In Ohio.

This is an image taken of a cute couple in Ohio, more to come soon.