20. August 2012

Hoop Dance

Hannah S.-G.

A couple of weeks ago, while I was still in the U.S., I photographed my friend Hannah. I took an analog photoclass and the final assignment was to make a series of something you enjoy photographing, and since I loved watching Hannah hoop, I thought it would be awesome to caputure her in my images. These are pictures I took with my digital. Later on I might also show you some of the analog images.


  1. awesome! more pictures pleeeease! ;)

  2. thanks honey <3 I'll post more pictures today.

  3. These pictures are awesome. Didn't know, a hoop could look so beautiful :) Vanessa

  4. this picture is so cute, i like the lightning. you seem to be a very nice person, your blog is also very cute, like your photography. :)
    xo michelle


  5. wonderful picture :) *-*
    amazing idea ;)