24. September 2012


“The stillness that permeates the valleys is visual as well as acoustical” (Barry Lopez).

17. September 2012

Analog Hooping

These images are takes with Vivitar 50 mm 1:1.7 & Kodak TRI - X 400 Black & White Film, and there are all developed by myself on Ilford Fiber Paper.

6. September 2012

VEB Druckerei Leipzig

This was a really fun shoot, at one of many lost places in Leipzig. It was actually the second attempt to get into the building. The first time my model and I met, footsteps we couldn't quite locate and the cold december wind blowing through the building scared us too much to walk any further. Hence, we decided to bring a "bodyguard" to comfort us. This time, no one, except for some mattresses and empty bottles of wine, was around.

4. September 2012

Can't decide, which one do you like better?

As I promised, now a picture of her stunning eyes.

Fairy Tale

Unfortunately, my harddrive broke right after this shooting. Luckily, I was able to safe at least a few images, this is my favorite. Hope you like it as well.